Kofta bi tahini (Ground meat and potatoes in tahini citrus sauce)

Chef in disguise

This recipe for Kofta with tahini is long overdue. I have received many requests for it from my wonderful readers here and on facebook. What kept me from posting it earlier is that I usually make this kofta when I am tight on time. It is one of those recipes I make on autopilot. It is so quick and easy to make . The perfect recipe to make when you are tight on time or when you have guests coming over on short notice. I have made it so many times, took the pictures of the steps on various occasions (hence the variety of step by step pictures) but I never managed to take pictures of the finished product. When I finally managed to style and photograph it. I realized that I don’t have the amounts of the ingredients written down. That is what autopilot cooking does to you. Sorry…

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