While He Was Out

This is an express post with a suggestion what to do with the leftover KFC chicken strips! Or any chicken strips…

We’ve bought the other day a big pack of KFC chicken (I know, I know, but sometimes you just get tempted to eat something not-so-healthy and bad for your shape foods) and eventually we had a few pieces of leftover chicken strips for the next day. As I don’t like throwing out food, I had to come up with an idea to use it up – and here we go, home-made KFC chicken wrap 🙂

Ingredients (for 1 wrap):

1 tortilla flatbread
iceberg lettuce
2 eggs
leftover chicken strips

1. To make the flatbread yourself (recipe is for 3 normal size tortillas, you can aso freeze them):
Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in 1/3 cup tepid water, in another bowl work 1tbsp of shortening (or RAMA) into 1 cup of…

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The Sugarlump

Anyone who knows me well knows that I could eat Mexican food for every meal.  This preference stems all the way back to a childhood of begging to go to Taco Bell or to make tacos at home as often as possible.  As I’ve gotten older, my Mexican palette has expanded from crunchy tacos with meat and sour cream ONLY to guacamole, enchiladas, Mole and fish tacos.  I can make a mean taco, but I decided it was time for me to tackle homemade enchiladas.

I’ve looked at lots of recipes and watched various celebrity chefs make them on TV. I’ve taken note of the components of enchiladas at my favorite Mexican spots and I concluded the following as I developed my recipe:

1)      The enchiladas must be chicken enchiladas.

2)      The chicken must be shredded so as to absorb the delicious sauce and flavor.

3)      The tortillas must be…

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My Fancy Pantry

As the seasons begin to change and the leaves fall from the trees, I am no longer happy with simple sandwiches or cold cereals at breakfast-time.  Instead, I find myself craving warm and satisfying meals. I want comfort food…and this Masala Bread Upma is just that.

I created this dish using King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls; and let me tell you, their subtle sweetness compliments the warm Indian spices perfectly!

You can learn more about this dish and check out the recipe on the King’s Hawaiian Blog

I hope everyone had a very happy and adventurous Halloween!  Time just flies by so quickly.  Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here…and I’ll be another year closer to 30!  YIKES!

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The Scrumptious Pumpkin

What a week.

Meat-and-Potatoes-Guy and I spent the first part of it camped out in our finished basement, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy (if you don’t live in the U.S., check out the unbelievable photos of the devastation to the East Coast).

We have a very tall, sturdy, healthy 60-year-old oak tree only a few feet from our house that leans directly above our second floor bedroom.

And we couldn’t believed how it swayed, like some delicate flower, in the howling winds, looking ready to topple over into our roof any second. (The tree survived the storm, and I hope all readers in Sandy’s path are equally safe and sound).

Later in the week: Halloween, which always means resolving not to eat any candy meant for trick-or-treaters.

And then caving and sneaking way too much chocolate.

So I thought this Cod…

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While He Was Out

Remember these beautiful milky bread swirls? My Mr asked for this bread the other day, but we did not have butter at home. As we were lazy enough to go to the store but creative enough to start looking for a solution for this problem, I ended up at ThePassionateOlive.com. My dear readers let me tell you, I found the solution to our problem 🙂 Take a good, working recipe, make a couple of little changes, enjoy a healthier and great outcome!

Olive_Oil_Swirls  01


Olive Oil Bread Swirls


200 ml water
3/4 tbsp honey
1 pack instant yeast

100 ml milk
1 tbsp salt
1 egg
500 g flour
apx. 40ml olive oil (I used extra virgin, quite strong taste, did not alter the final taste of the breads in a negative way)

+1 egg for brushing
sesame seeds for sprinkling


A. Mix the water, honey and…

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