Middle Eastern garlic sauce “Toum”

Chef in disguise

Middle eastern garlic sauce. Garlic lover's heaven and it is vegan too!

If you have ever eaten shawarma or shish tawook at a middle eastern or Lebanese restaurant, you must have seen the creamy white sauce, with the delectable smell of garlic and scrumptious combination of garlic and lemon. This garlic sauce is known as Toum or Toom  “صلصه ثوم” and if you love garlic, this sauce will be your new best friend. It is great as a dip, spread,or companion to roasted or grilled meat, chicken or fish . It is a great way to jazz up your favorite sandwich. Think of it as your versatile, easy, homemade vegan mayonnaise  or cream sauce and have fun experimenting with it

garlic raw 2

If you try to google toum or middle eastern garlic sauce you will come across many recipes that use a huge amount of oil, others use raw eggs and others use potatoes. None of that works for me. I want a garlic sauce or…

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Shish tawook sandwiches

Chef in disguise

When you have kids and you want them to eat healthier, the number one item you strive to take off their menu is junk food!

The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to provide healthier options that look just as good as  and taste just as good as (if not better than) the junk they crave.

Shish tawook is one of my go to recipes when the craving hits. Chicken chunks are marinated in a mixture of yogurt, spices and herb. The yogurt tenderizes the chicken while the spices and herbs result in a blast of flavor.

shish tawook sandwiches

To add to the fun I usually let the kids make their own sandwiches. They really enjoy choosing their toppings and “styling” their sandwiches (one of the side effects of having a mother who is a food blogger lol)

Shish sandwich2

Shish tawook chicken

This recipe was prepared as part of the…

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Arabic seven spice blend

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Spice blends remind me of the trips I used to take with my dad to down town Amman. There was a time when you could only buy your spices and spice mixes at the old parts of the city. Sure, it is more convenient to have a supermarket or a mall around every corner where you can buy everything that you need (and don’t need) but I always found it enchanting to watch the process of making a spice blend.

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