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I have to thank Groupon for today’s posting. But before I continue, are you familiar with Groupon and their e-mails with special deals and discounts on local services, restaurants and entertainment? There are some good deals but you have to pounce of them quickly before they run out.

So here’s why I’m thanking Groupon. Last spring, or maybe it was early summer, I saw an offer for seafood at one of my local seafood shops. For $10, I could purchase $20 worth of seafood. I snatched up this offer and it sat in my desk for months. September rolled around and in the process of cleaning out my desk, I noticed the coupon I had printed out — it was expiring the first week of October. I had to make my purchase soon, couldn’t let it go to waste. Guess what? On the last day that the offer was valid…

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Fork and Beans

It’s been difficult keeping up in my Halloween kitchen lately.

There are various reasons why but the only one that is actually interesting is because of spiders. That’s not a typo either–my life has actually been infested with spiders. Not just any kind of spiders though, in fact, they aren’t actual tangible ones. I have been bitten by a dozen imaginary spiders. Can I be any more ambiguous?

No, these spiders are more symbolic and they are full of love venom, if you catch my drift. Yes friends, it is true, I have been bitten by love spiders {kinda like what cupid is for Valentine’s Day; these spiders are for Halloween}… So as a tribute I have made a batch of these raw chocolate Spider Bites. Perfect for that extra touch needed on Hallow’s Eve.

Raw Chocolate Spider Bites Recipe

{Raw Vegan} Gluten, egg, and dairy-free

Makes a boatload of Bite-sized…

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For those of you who don’t know, though I expect many of you do, baba ghanoush is a dip of Levantine origin made using charred aubergine (eggplant). In its traditional form it contains ingredients similar to hummus, though this version diverges from the norm just a smidge. To be perfectly honest, as one must, I prefer hummus to the more traditional versions of baba ghanoush. However, spices like cumin and coriander seem to work exceptionally well with aubergine, a fruit I’m not particularly fond of, and serve to bring it well and truly to life.

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One of the things that you may have noticed about my style of cooking is that it tends towards the rustic end of the food-spectrum. Though I often find cakes with heaps of pretty icing and delicate touches rather impressive, they can also appear a little intimidating, or bring out the misanthropic person buried not-so-deep within; what baking inadequacy is being hidden under this particular fold of sugar? I will concede, of course, that the latter is probably very often an unfair reaction but still, my personal taste tends towards cakes with an honest, homely appearance. This spiel isn’t intended to offend anyone, many of you are truly spectacularly talented when it comes to icing and decorating cakes; it simply isn’t my way of doing things. Take this cake, for instance, it is simple, comforting and extremely delicious – baking, perhaps, as it was intended.

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There are dishes in life for which everyone has a recipe – this is one such dish. However, as with most, it is eminently possible for one to put in a little more effort and have ones mouth reap the rewards. In my experience, macaroni cheese is best when it isn’t overpowered by the flavour of a catastrophic quantity of mature cheddar; that’s not to say that it shouldn’t contain cheddar, but it needs a little more complexity to become truly exceptional. By far the best way of accomplishing this feat is to infuse the milk used to make the cheese sauce – it adds a surprising depth of flavour which gives the dish a certain gastronomic eloquence.

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