While He Was Out

I am a good girlfriend and as such, generally preparing something for my Mr that he can have for lunch with minimal or no work. The other day I left him a few pieces of chicken breast with the suggestions to prepare it with some veggies, pasta or rice. Hunger stroke him fast so this is what he made!

Rapid_Chicken_Club_Sandwich  01

As I see, he fried the chicken breast pieces on a little olive oil, mounted in on top of a toast in the company of iceberg lettuce, a fried egg, tomato, olives and a bit of mayo, popped another toast on top, and voilá! I believe when he says it was delicious, it definitely looks so!

Rapid_Chicken_Club_Sandwich  03

Rapid_Chicken_Club_Sandwich  02

PS: he has some leftover lasagna today, what a lucky boyfriend 😉

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The Scrumptious Pumpkin


I just arrived home from a trip to Michigan to spend time with Meat-and-Potatoes-Guy’s side of the family and discovered something completely unexpected:


Michigan is an ideal destination around the holidays.


There are holiday shows at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, which is a gorgeous theater (originally a movie theater built in the “Roaring 20’s”).


It’s been restored with gold leaf and deep red “marble” columns, velvet seats, and hand-painted stenciled ceilings. It’s huge, ornate, and beautifully decorated for the holidays.


An hour outside the city is Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, the “word’s largest christmas store,” an unapologetically gaudy store filled with room after room of every Christmas ornament and decoration you can imagine. It’s crowded to overflowing with families and impossible to resist buying at least one new ornament for the tree (or ten, in my case).


And downtown is a charming shopping district, complete with a covered bridge (the…

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Pasta Princess and More

Chicken Pot Pie

I ate something I haven’t eaten since it came out of the freezer section in a box in high school – Chicken Pot Pie.  Remember those frozen pot pies?  I’m happy to say this chicken pot pie turned out amazing!  Wow … it was deliciously thick, flavorful and the crust was flaky and tender –  a far cry from the boxed version I ate during my childhood years!  If you are tempted to buy an already made pie crust … don’t give in to temptation!  Take the extra time to make your own and you will be glad you did as it enhances the overall experience of taking your first bite of deliciousness and the next and the next.  I bought the individual dishes specifically to make chicken pot pie last year and had told Tim I was going to make chicken pot pies for him.  Just about a year later I have finally…

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The Scrumptious Pumpkin

I’m amazed I managed to get this lasagna on the table this past weekend, what with all the Lifetime holiday movies that were showing.

That’s right, I’m publicly admitting to my November through December addiction to sappy, cheesy, predictable holiday movies.

(In case you also harbor a secret love for snow-filled, happily-ever-after holiday films, just try to resist this Lifetime schedule listing for the upcoming weekend: “Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus,” “Love at the Christmas Table,” and “The March Sisters at Christmas (The Modern Retelling of Little Women)”).

At any rate, I did manage to pull myself away from the TV long enough to prepare a very unique (and better-for-you!) twist on lasagna.

With Asiago and Provolone cheeses, chicken, leeks, and kale, this is a whole different kind of lasagna.

And it’s so yummy too.  “Can’t-resist-a-second-helping” yummy, in fact.

It does include tons of nutritious additions like whole wheat noodles…

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While He Was Out

It was birthday again for one of my colleagues at the office where I work and the birthday girl specifically asked for a carrot cake, so she got a carrot cake! I have made a test run at home before the Bday to make sure the cake will turn out good, for my Mr’s great pleasure – the recipe below is for a 20cm (8″) cake, I halved the amounts of the ingredients to make 2 small test cakes in my good-looking heart-shaped cake pans.

New Zealand Carrot Cake with Buttercream Frosting

adapted from BBCGoodFood


250g plain wholemeal flour
180g brown sugar
3 eggs
175ml sunflower oil
55ml sour cream
Approx. 1 teaspoon gingerbread spice
2 level teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
300g grated carrots
75g desiccated coconut

For the topping
110g full fat soft cream cheese
50g unsalted butter
50g sifted icing sugar

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The New (Cooking) Adventures of Ole' Bill

Y’all (World),

I’ve realized I’ve been “slacking” on my posts. Forgive me.

To be fair, last week was Thanksgiving,which is one of my fav holidays, some don’t like it.

Why?! What other day in the year (besides X-Mas) can you sit around all day in yo’ pajamas and eat food and watch football all day?


Sorry. I take it seriously. Although I may go on cooking “sabbatical” for a while.

Not sure if that exist, but I may take a break from cookin next Thanksgiving.

CLUTCH THA PEARLS!!!?? Well, I may actually take that statement back by next October.

Anyways, hopefully y’all out there had a good Thanksgiving.

I had to watch my Texans woefully beat the Lions. Honestly, I didnt think they deserved to win that game.

Then watched that RG3 (That’s Robert Griffin the 3rd) spank the Cowboys.

Then I tried watchin the Jets/Pats game and got…

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