Egyptian Meamar rice

Chef in disguise

This month’s Arabic flavor assignment was to make an Egyptian classic. Meamar Rice.The exact translation of the name is loaded rice. The reason behind the name is that this rice is usually baked in the oven in a clay pot using milk and cream as the cooking liquid. The rice can also be “loaded” with meat or chicken. This started as a peasant dish, in which the farmer’s wife would place all the ingredients : rice, milk, cream, meat and spices in one pot, place it in the oven and forget about it which would give her time to attend to her daily chores. Gradually the recipe evolved to include  a sweet version that is loaded with sugar, nuts and dried fruits.

When prepared plain, Maamar rice is served as a side dish next to potato casseroles or other main dishes. When loaded with meat or chicken it is a stand…

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