Herb Grilled Chicken with Orzo

Cooking in Sens


When modern man no longer had to hunt, nor cultivate, nor worry about where his next apple was coming from, he created pesticides.  This was about the same time that grapefruit started to taste bitter because man had a surfeit of comestibles at his disposal that he didn’t necessarily have to shoot or grow himself.


Having time on his hands, modern man decided that he not only wanted to see beauty in art but also on his plate because, you see, he wasn’t really hungry and had a desire to eat also with his eyes.   The French started this.  In France it is essential to get to the farmers’ market early if you don’t want produce with fingerprints that has been squeezed and pawed so much that it’s practically colorless.  The French invented food art.


As more and more people passed over bug eaten, malformed fruits and vegetables in…

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