Chocolate brownies with two secret ingredient

Chef in disguise

Healthy chocolate brownies

I promised to post the rest of my sneaky desserts with hidden vegetables and here is take two. Chocolate brownies with carrot and spinach puree. I know what you are thinking.


Well the group is called daring bakers for a reason! I think of each challenge as a way to learn as much as possible about the topic, trying outlandish ideas is part of the fun 🙂 I decided to try these brownies, the idea of a healthy brownie is a tempting one. This healthy brownie however comes with a warning.

Just don’t serve them warm — it’s not until they’re completely cool that the spinach flavor totally disappears.

After making the brownies, I would even go further and say, don’t serve these on the first day. When these brownies are warm you can really taste the spinach and the whole texture and taste is off. Give them some…

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