While He Was Out

I have to admit this is not how I planned this dish. After finding this great step-by-step recipe, for some reasons I decided that a pie pan would be good for this – well, my suggestion is, use a nice big pan or half the recipe, because in my version, the amount of dough was overwhelming, pushing into the background the wonderful tuna filling. In fact, it was still delicious, and we still ate it all! 😀 I made just a small adjustment to the filling from the original recipe, adding boiled eggs and olives for a little extra flavor.

Tuna_Empanada_Gallega  02

Empanada Gallega


500g flour
25g fresh yeast
160ml tepid water
50ml white vine (I skipped it)
1/2kg onion
350g canned tuna
1-2 boiled eggs, mashed
4 tbsp (fried) tomato sauce
handful of chopped olives

pinch of salt
olive oil
sweet paprika powder
1 egg

Tuna_Empanada_Gallega  03


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