E A T & R E L I S H

buffalo chicken sandwich with homemade blue cheese dressing (with greek yogurt!)

Soooo….apparently, there is, like, a big game tonight.

buffalo chicken sandwich blue cheese

Despite the fact that for most of my life I cannot claim to have been the most….how do I say it….dedicated sports fan (disclaimer: in college, I was more excited about selecting my garnet and gold ensemble than standing in the sizzling bleachers surrounded by a bunch of sweaty dip-packing frat boys), there is indeed a match-up this evening which presents me with a moral dilemma.

buffalo chicken sandwich tomatoes

To root for my ‘home team,’ The Patriots, the team with That One Quarterback who alone makes watching the game totally riveting, or to root for the other team, The Ravens, the team for whom my dear husband bleeds purple and black?

buffalo chicken sandwich lettuce

Though I won’t be gaining any Cape Cod friends by admitting this (and perhaps more likely acquiring a few enemies), I must admit that come 4:30 Mountain Standard Time I…

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