The New (Cooking) Adventures of Ole' Bill

Y’all (World),

I’ve realized I’ve been “slacking” on my posts. Forgive me.

To be fair, last week was Thanksgiving,which is one of my fav holidays, some don’t like it.

Why?! What other day in the year (besides X-Mas) can you sit around all day in yo’ pajamas and eat food and watch football all day?


Sorry. I take it seriously. Although I may go on cooking “sabbatical” for a while.

Not sure if that exist, but I may take a break from cookin next Thanksgiving.

CLUTCH THA PEARLS!!!?? Well, I may actually take that statement back by next October.

Anyways, hopefully y’all out there had a good Thanksgiving.

I had to watch my Texans woefully beat the Lions. Honestly, I didnt think they deserved to win that game.

Then watched that RG3 (That’s Robert Griffin the 3rd) spank the Cowboys.

Then I tried watchin the Jets/Pats game and got…

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