Fork and Beans

It’s been difficult keeping up in my Halloween kitchen lately.

There are various reasons why but the only one that is actually interesting is because of spiders. That’s not a typo either–my life has actually been infested with spiders. Not just any kind of spiders though, in fact, they aren’t actual tangible ones. I have been bitten by a dozen imaginary spiders. Can I be any more ambiguous?

No, these spiders are more symbolic and they are full of love venom, if you catch my drift. Yes friends, it is true, I have been bitten by love spiders {kinda like what cupid is for Valentine’s Day; these spiders are for Halloween}… So as a tribute I have made a batch of these raw chocolate Spider Bites. Perfect for that extra touch needed on Hallow’s Eve.

Raw Chocolate Spider Bites Recipe

{Raw Vegan} Gluten, egg, and dairy-free

Makes a boatload of Bite-sized…

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