Fork and Beans

The moment you got home right after trick-or-treating was always the highlight of the night, wasn’t it?

For me, there was no time wasted when I would rush into the living room floor, dump out the sugary loot, and then proceed to divide the candy into 2 piles: the good stash vs. the crappy stuff (which, let’s be honest, was reserved for raisins, Smarties, and anything else not snack-sized candy bars).  I’m not really sure what it is about candy bars that became an obsession for me growing up, but it was definitely there.

Especially Snickers. Those were the golden children of the stash. They were multi-functional for me: not only were they tasty treats with a salty sweetness that I love so much, but they were also energy boosters, am I right? I had to fish one (or three) out during my trick-or-treating festivities (I mean, come on, I needed energy–that was a lot…

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