The New (Cooking) Adventures of Ole' Bill

Doughnuts. I love them.

In high school, I would get a couple doughnuts right before 1st period. Sometimes when I was hanging w/my friends, when I saw doughnuts, I’d run and grab some whilst in mid sentence then go on continuing my thoughts.

Now, I even show up to work early Sundays just to grab a couple of doughnuts. Odd? Maybe.

True story.

If I had a reason why I’m so fat, doughnuts would prob be one of the main reasons.

But fun fact: I’m currently 15-16 pounds lighter than I was in January. Take that HydroxyCut.

I know you prob shouldn’t eat so many, but they just sooo goood.

So, being my usual “DIY-King” self, I HAD to try and make doughnuts.

However, a couple of things: One, I’m not a real fan of havin to use yeast and havin to let it RISE, then sit, then punch it…

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