Out of the South and into the City

Sometimes cooking means throwing a bunch of stuff into a casserole dish and hoping it works.

This morning, that’s exactly what Lauren and I did.

We started off with some stale bread bits. Among the food I inherited from my previous roommates was a loaf of bread. The bread looked amazing but it had been sitting on the counter for a couple of days and was as hard as a rock. I could have used it as a bat. Instead of throwing it away, I sawed it down to crouton sized pieces and used them as the base layer for our casserole.

Then we added vegetables. We sliced a tomato, cut up a red onion and threw in some spinach. We topped it off with various cheeses and poured a carton of egg whites into the mixture. It was so easy, very cheap, healthy and DELICIOUS! We almost ate the entire casserole in…

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