Fork and Beans

I have been like a shaken up snowglobe, waiting for the snow pieces to settle back down to the bottom. Hence my disappearance as of late. I have been hoping that the less my life moves, the sooner everything settles.

Have you ever had a crazy time in your life where you are consumed by the insanity that you almost forget what exactly it is that you have been through? I have been slowly able to gradually build back a routine in this new life of mine and this weekend, as I sat in momentary silence, it occurred to me: Son of a Vondruke, my life has been flipped upside down these past 3 months!  The amount of changes that I have endured is ridiculous:

A break-up.

Finding my dream job.

A move.

Losing my dream job.

Another move.

Getting accustomed to a new life, new routine, new city


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