The Craving Chronicles

Warning: I’m developing a major thing for strawberries this year.


There’s a local pastry chef in my area who I’m kinda obsessed with. Everything she makes is divine. I practically stalk her every weekend to get my macaron fix. A few weeks ago, she had cake jars for sale. I bought one on a whim because I have no will power when it comes to cake in portable packaging. It was a strawberry shortcake cake jar with sponge cake, silky frosting, sweet macerated strawberries and a surprise ingredient – salty buttery Ritz crackers.

Have I mentioned that, aside from chocolate and cheese, Ritz crackers are my major weakness?

It. was. heaven. I devoured it.


Then I immediately decided to steal the idea and put my own twist on it.

And so these Salty Sweet Strawberry Crisps were born.


This is a dessert of contrasts. As if the contrast of soft…

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