Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I made this last year though with a different type of cake. My hubby wanted butter cake, which surprisingly turned out really well. Unfortunately as I have no personal pictures to prove this!I have yet to try this particular pineapple upside down cake but hoping to do it sometime soon in the near future! Enjoy.


Pineapple Slices (canned) – 6
Sugar for caramelisation – 5-6 tbsp
Water – 1 tbsppineapple-upside-down-cake
Butter – 100g, softened
Milkmaid (Sweetened Condensed Milk) – 1 tin (400g)
Plain Flour (Maida) – 2 cup
Baking Powder – 1 tsp
Soda Bicarbonate – 1 tsp
Aerated soda – 3/4 cup
Pineapple Essence – ½ tsp

For Garnishing
Cherries – a few


Preheat the oven at 180º C/ 350 F/ 155º C (for fan assisted oven), 10 mins before baking. Grease a 9” round cake tin with butter. Arrange the pineapple slices at the base of the tin. Add water to sugar & heat it in a pan till it melts and becomes brown. Pour hot caramel onto the pineapple slices and leave aside. Add Milkmaid to the softened butter and beat well. Add pineapple essence to this & mix well. Sieve together flour, baking powder and soda bicarbonate. Keep aside. Add flour & soda to the Milkmaid mixture, alternatively, starting & ending with the flour. Repeat the process till the flour & soda is used completely. Pour batter into the prepared cake tin and bake at 180º C for 35 to 40 minutes in the preheated oven. Remove from oven, loosen sides of cake using a knife and immediately turn onto a plate.

Do not allow Pineapple upside-down cake to cool before removing from the tin.The caramelized sugar hardens and results in the cake sticking to the tin . The cake batter should be used for baking immediately after mixing the ingredients. If the batter is allow to stand, it loses its lightness.

Recipe source: Nestle Milkmaid Recipes


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